Sunday, May 6, 2007

5 Causes Decrease PC Performance

After couple years using computer, you might noticed that there are changes in your PC performances.You might experienced slow startup process, PC always hang, takes time to launch certain programs and many more...
Below I've listed 5 things that might cause the problem:-
5 Causes That Decrease PC Performance
1) CPU Overheating - Due to cooler that is not in good condition.The Cooler above the Processor full of dust and cannot function very well, and not enough Thermal Grease.( Watch the video at the end of this articles).

2) Random Access Memory(RAM) - When you bought a cheap RAM,there is some cases that the chip inside is not satisfy the specification. And the consequence is you might get "blue screen" a lot of time. Wrong overclocking(timings) also can damage and decrease your RAM performance.

3) Hard Disk - The increasing of Bad Sector can slow down your PC performance.Internal damage(intermittent) can cause your computer fail during boot process.

4) BIOS Configuration - Sometimes, changing BIOS default values can increase your PC performance and sometimes it don't.So be careful.

5) Background Application Process - Too much application and process(.exe) running automatically during startup process can cause your computer slow.To remove and choose certain application running automatically during startup, you can use software or using "msconfig" .

CPU Overheating Video link......just for fun!!!!

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