Sunday, May 6, 2007

USB PC Repair System Toolkit

While surfing yesterday, I found really nice Toolkit, USB PC Repair System Toolkit.
This toolkit is available for Windows user only.According to LifeHacker, The Daily Cup of Tech computer help site put together a USB-drive based collection of software that'll help you resuscitate any ailing PC.
1)To get this Cool stuff, to need to download it here>>PCRepairSystemToolkit.
2)Extract the contents to any USB drive 32 MB or greater. Remove the USB drive from your system and plug it back in. You’re off and running! Its really simple.
Actually, there are 37 applications in total.This toolkit put all these application together and make it work as one.Below is the complete list of the programs in this toolkit :-
>DCoTMenu >Active@ ISO Burner >AutoCompress >Brute Benchmark
>CCleaner >CDmage >DriveImageXML >Double Killer
>DTaskManager >encopy >Eraser >ERUNT
>explorer2fs >File Assassin >Filemon >Hash
>HDD Scan >ICE ECC >LC ISO Creator >LSASecretsView
>NTREGOPT >Patcher >PMMon >Process Explorer
>ProduKey >Regmon >Restoration >Roadkil's CommTest
>RootKit Revealer >SequoiaView >TweakUI >Roadkil's Disk Image
>Why Reboot? >Virtual CD Control Panel >WirelessKeyView >What Changed?
>System Information for Windows.

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