Sunday, May 6, 2007

MOST wanted Tweaking-Optimizing Tools

Its 7.40 p.m right now at my place...Sorry for the late post today.Got a lot of work to do.Today, I have decided to list "MOST Wanted Tweaking-Optimizing Tools". Most of us do not know which programs/softwares is better to do overclocking/tweaking/optimizing jobs. To make your job easier, I've made a list here :
1) Advanced System Optimizer - Enhance security,optimize windows,tweak windows settings
2) TuneUp Utilities - Complete packages combine all important function for system optimization and maintenance.
3) System Mechanic - Repair error, optimize system for peak performance, fix security vulnerabilities and maintain reliability and speed.


1) Registry Mechanic - Clean, fix error and compact your registry to optimize PC for better performance. Recommended by experts and editors.
2) Fix-It Utilities - Excellent registry cleaner & fixer PLUS utilities package like "System Diagnostic Tools", "System Protection Tools","Speedup Wizard" and "Fix Wizard".

Graphic Card Tools
Just like the one I've posted before.
-ATI Tray Tools
-Rage3D Tweak
-PowerStrip 3.63

RAM Tweaking Tools

1) RAM Booster .Net - Defrag your physical memory, Recover memory from windows, Recover memory leaks, and LET you run large application simultaneously without Slowing down you computer.
2) CacheBoost Pro - Intelligence Cache Management, Built-in DataSafe Technology and Memory Zipper engine.

CPU OVerClocking Tools
1) ClockGen - Its main purpose is to change system clock on the fly. Front Side Bus(FSB) & Graphic Side Bus(GSB).
2) A64 Tweaker - You can change all important memory timings in AMD CPU, even if your motherboard BIOS does not list all these timings.

My advice for you is, be careful during overlocking/optimizing your system..Do not overclock until you read the guide or tips.Do not hesitate to ask if you don't understand. HAPPY OVERCLOCKING!!!

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