Sunday, May 6, 2007

Latest AutoPatcher XP S2 Full + Update

This release is based on the all-new AutoPatcher 5.1. Although made with Windows XP SP2 (English) in mind, AutoPatcher XP will load on any Windows version or language, showing only the items which match the running environment.
AutoPatcher XP November 2006 FULL & Update is 100% FREE.
By downloading this autoPatcher, your computer is now up-to-date.
Include features :-
1) Security Updates
2) Malicious Software Removal Tool
Windows XP COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 13 (v2)
Network Diagnostic Tool (KB914440 v12)
Bootvis 1.3.37 (only in Full)
And of course a lot of registry tweaks which improve speed, appearance, functionality and security!

You can download it >> HERE <<

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