Sunday, May 6, 2007

Xp tweak - Startup Faster

Alright, this time we going to take a look on how to make your Startup system faster than before. I decided to write this article to show to you some very basic tweaks in order to optimize your startup system. I heard many complains from my friends that their computer have a very long startup process.
In order to speed up your startup, there are 2 ways :-

1) Through MsConfig configuration
Open Start > Run, type in 'msconfig'.
- Look for 'Startup tab' and click it. You will see a screen similar to the one below:

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-This tab will show all programs that will be started when Windows boot up. Now, uncheck some of the program that you think not important to be load during startup.(Like YM, MSN, winamp..)
-Your Windows Xp should now startup faster because it will take less resources by not running these programs in the background.

2) Through 'Services.msc'
- Open Start > Run, type in 'services.msc'.
-Now you should see a similar screen like this :

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-This window show you more detailed processes that are startign up with windows.
Automatic' means this program start automatically on booting.
-So, its up to you to choose which programs/services are 'Automatic' or you can change its properties to '
Manual' or 'Disabled'.

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