Sunday, May 6, 2007

Useful Portable Applications

DO you know what is exactly Portable Application ? As far as i know, Portable application is a software programs that have the following features :-
1) Small application in term of size.
2) Do not require any kind of installation on a computer( Click on the application & it just run )
3) Because of small size, it can be stored on USB pendrive & can be use on multiple computers.

So, what i can say is, no matter where you are you can always carry a portable application since it's so small.Just bring along your pendrive/usb drive.

Here's the list of portable applications that i feel important to be downloaded :-
1) ClamWin 0.90 released - ClamWin antivirus
2) Mozilla Firefox released - My favourite browser. Just in case you're using your friend's computer that do not have Firefox installed.(Most of my friend still using IE)
3) GIMP 2.2.13 released - This software actually built for Linux OS, but now it also support windows version, including Windows Vista.Used for image & photo editor(just like Photoshop).
4) Foxit PDF reader - Very fast loading, better than adobe reader if you are using just for reading PDF format, noe editing.
5) VLC player - An easy to use media player that can play almost any format of audio & video.
6) XAMPP - Useful for webmaster. It contains Apache, mysql, php, PhpMyAdmin and more integrated packaged.
7) GAIM - All-in-one instant messenger client(AOL,YM, MSN,....), easy-to-use interface.
8) 7-Zip - File archiver and compressor. Nice.

Actually,there a lot more that i can't list here. For a complete list of available portable application you can visit :-

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