Sunday, May 6, 2007

Software Optimizer for PC...every PC must have THESE

Hi, couple days ago a got a lot of work to do. So don't have much time to write in this blog.But today, i have a chance to write. Very happy.

Software that every PC must order to boost PC performance.
he softwares i used may be different from others..but its up to you to choose.

1 ) PC Adrenalin --- Boost system performance, can be adjust to Gaming Mode, Multimedia Mode
and etc.

2 ) Registry Fix ---- Tweak your windows registry, repairing the lost/ invalid registry entry.

3 ) Diskeeper ---- Allowing you to do faster defragmenting process.

4 ) Registry Optimizer --- Alternative to Registry fix. Do same work like RegistryFix.

5 ) DAP --- Download Accelerator Plus, i love this one. I've been using this software since 2003.Allowing to
to downloading process faster than before.

6 ) AVG-Antispyware ---- To get rid of adware, malware, some stuff like that.

7 ) CacheBoost Pro ---- To optimize your RAM, system memory by defraging the memory, repairing
memory leaks, enhance System cache and etc.

8 ) Antivirus ---- Usually, your computer would decrease its performance when it get infected by
bug/virus .So, in order to eliminate them you must use Antivirus. The most popular
Antivirus nowadays are Norton, BitDefender, Avast, Kapersky, Panda, Nod32 etc.

I have all these softwares run on my PC, even my laptop. So, i don't have to think very hard to solve the "Slowing PC System" problem.
Sorry, i didn't give the link to the software company, some of them don't remember. However,you can still find them by using Search engine like Google or Yahoo. Optimize the usage of your search Engine.
For many years, search engine have became my best friends in the world of internet.
What about you guys, what kind of softwares you use to keep your PC running in excellent mode?
Do tell me

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