Sunday, May 6, 2007

XP Hidden Trick(Bug)

Huhu....actually, this is for fun. I found this somewhere around the Net.You guys got to try this. If you’re using Windows XP operating system, try this little hidden and secret trick which reveals sort of easter egg or bug by using Notepad.(You must follow the exact instruction below)
  1. Open Notepad by clicking on Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad.
  2. Type “bush hid the facts” or “this fun hit video” (without quotes and do not hit Return or Enter key, either one will work, but not both).
  3. Save the file by clicking on File then Save. You can put any filename to the saved text file in .txt
  4. Close the Notepad.
  5. Open again the saved text file by relaunch Notepad and clicking on File then Open and choose the saved document, or simply double click on the saved text file from Windows Explorer.
  6. Check what happen to the text that you have just typed.
Tell me what you got???? Hhehehee..

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